March 19, 2011

Daikokuya Review : When It Rains It Pours

Who ever said it never rains in southern California was lying. When those rare cold rainy days are upon us, Karen and I go down to Little Tokyo to get some warm ramen at Daikokuya. Although Little Tokyo has several ramen restaurants, Daikokuya is definitely our favorite. Judging by the long lines that are in front of this little gem, you know it is a huge fan favorite around LA.

The gyoza at Daikokuya is made fresh everyday, and these are a must-have for us when we come here. When they prepare the gyoza they throw in a few scoops of broth in the pan to help steam them and to give a distinctive crunch to the wrapper. The pork filling is really flavorful with hints of ginger and green onion.

Like we’ve said before, pork belly is one of our favorite things. At Daikokuya they don’t just use any pork belly, they use kurobuta (commonly known as Berkshire pork in the US) pork belly which is known for its tenderness and full pork flavor. The shredded pork bowl is fatty, tender and delicious. It is covered in their special sweet glaze (not teriyaki sauce, so don’t call it that) and green onions, and makes for a great side dish with a hot bowl of ramen.

What we both enjoy about the ramen at Daikokuya is the broth. The broth is cooked for over 15 hours using the kurobuta pork bones and it makes for a rich flavorful broth unlike any other. The shoyu soaked egg and fatty chashu that are served on the ramen have us coming back time and time again.

327 E 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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