March 10, 2011

The Kitchen Review : This Is A Bitchin' Kitchen!

Whether we're just grabbing coffee at Intelligentsia in the morning or I’m riding my bike to Tang’s Donuts to meet for the Wolfpack Hustle, Silverlake is one our favorite places to explore. So, when we heard there was a small place on Sunset and Fountain that had awesome brunches, lunches and dinners, we had to try it. We’ve been to The Kitchen several times for their lunch and dinner menu, but have yet to try the brunch. All I can say is, if their regular weekday menu is any indication of what to expect on weekends, we will definitely eat it up!

The Kitchen
The Mac and Cheese at The Kitchen is creamy and has a distinct garlic flavor that you don’t see in most. The “cheese” in the Mac and Cheese is almost like a garlic flavored sharp cheddar bechamel sauce. Also, since they bake theirs it leaves a crispy top with the molten hot cheese on the inside.

The Kitchen
Another thing that we enjoy about the food at The Kitchen is how fresh it is. The albacore is sushi grade so you can have it cooked as raw as you’d like. Thin slices of Asian pear make the sandwich light and refreshing. Wasabi mayo is spread on a fresh baguette from La Brea Bakery to serve as your vehicle to flavortown, so just sit back and enjoy.

The Kitchen
One of my favorite things to make at home is braised short ribs. So when I saw the Short Rib Sandwich on the menu at The Kitchen, I had to try it. The pickled red onion and arugula add a refreshing bite to the slow cooked beef. The Jack cheese that they put on top of the short rib is good but I’d like to try it with Gruyere next time. My only gripe about the sandwich, be it a very small one, was the thinly sliced sourdough. I would have enjoyed the sandwich more on heartier slices of bread, especially for a sandwich with such a moist and juicy filling like braised short ribs. But I’m willing to overlook the sourdough cracker slices because the short rib was so flavorful. 

The Kitchen
4348 Fountain Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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