March 3, 2011

Chego Review : L'ego my Chego!

We have been huge fans of the food truck movement here in Los Angeles. Oddly enough, this movement has turned some food truck chefs into local celebrities(sometimes even national celebrities). We've spotted chef Roy Choi(aka Papi Chulo) a few times at art galleries and local dive bars in our neighborhood(without the Kogi Truck mind you, but always with the signature fitted flipped to the back). So we were very excited to hear that Papi Chulo, of the famous Kogi BBQ truck, was opening a brick and mortar restaurant near Culver City. Tucked into the corner of a nondescript strip mall on Overland, Chego offers Asian inspired comfort food by the bowlful. 

Chego's bowls are good as is, but adding a little something extra can really make it a whole new dish. We can never pass up ordering pork belly if we see it on a menu, even if we have to add it on. We ordered the Buttered Kimchi Chow with kurobuta pork belly added on. One look at the yolky topped rice bowl and we were ready to eat it up! The bold flavors and fresh ingredients that chef Roy Choi puts into his dishes are distinct and will have you lining up with bowl in hand, begging for a sliver of that scrumptious pork belly.

The Rock Yer Road at Chego may rock your world. Karen definitely has the sweeter tooth and could not resist this deconstructed Rocky Road dessert. Chocolate ice cream is topped with crushed smoked almonds, caramel, brownie chunks, melting marshmallow fluff and a Luxardo cherry(a fancy Maraschino).

3300 Overland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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